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Additional Services

In cooperation with our partner MOORE Audit S.A., we also offer a broad range in all areas of audit, internal audit and compliance. They are approved by the Luxembourg financial supervisory body CSSF (“Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier”) as Cabinet de revision agréé.

Further Services provided by our partner

  • Statutory audit
  • Audit of consolidated financial statements
  • Special legal audits
  • Contractual audit
  • IT audit
  • Internal control audit and documentation
  • Review of risk management systems
  • Control reports
  • Audit of groups (consolidated accounts)
  • Special purpose audit
  • Establishment of the Internal Audit Function
  • Quality control of the existing Internal Audit Function
  • Supporting the existing Internal Audit Function
  • Financial Audit (as Outsourcing Partner)
  • Compliance Audit
  • Embezzlement Audit
  • Operational Audit
  • Internal control systems in accordance with SOX 404 and CSSF 98/143 regulation
  • Establishment of the Compliance Function
  • Operation of Compliance Function
  • Review of contract management
  • Legal use of public funding schemes
  • Internal and external quality control systems
  • Embezzlement audits
  • Contribution in Kind
  • Merger/Demerger/Spinoffs
  • Distribution of Interim Dividends
  • Liquidations
  • Control of production costs eligible for grants
  • Certification of financial statement / training
  • Certification of the financial statement of an NGO
  • Due diligence in connection with the CSSF Circular 2002/77
  • Mission of the auditor in connection with the publication of a prospectus
  • Company Valuations.


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