"90% more transparency in the finance data – that's reality now, thanks to LucaNet. We notice the advantages every day in our finance department. We save costs, time and nerves, and now we've regained complete trust in our finance data." – Head of controllership in a technology group

What is LucaNet?

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LucaNet is a software for integrated financial planning, consolidation, reporting and analysis. This intelligent financial perfomance management software solution depicts all finance processes in a single tool – for a holistic view of your finances. With LucaNet, you can automate all your process stages, generate reliable figures and save time.

LucaNet applications:

  • consolidations
  • finance planning
  • reporting
  • analysis

One application – lots of possibilities for use

One application – lots of possibi-lities for use

Data management

At the push of a button, you get valid, harmonised data which are easy to record and process. We offer you 250 ready-to-go interfaces for all the previous systems that are generally available.


Take advantage of consistent and reliable data: with LucaNet, you get a faster overview of all the relevant finance data and thus have more time to take care of the analysis of your data.

Financial statements

Thanks to LucaNet, all the regulatory requirements for your financial statement are covered by a uniform solution. The software takes you step by step through the compilation of the statements.


An integrated planning model is a prerequisite for the successful governance of your enterprise. LucaNet assists you in an uncomplicated, error-free planning process.

How can LucaNet help?

The FPM software from LucaNet simplifies everything for you: whether it’s data management, the consolidated financial statement, planning or reporting. It’s all depicted in a single tool throughout. 

LucaNet transfers the data from all the different data sources into a database and combines all the processes such as consolidation, planning, controllership and analysis into one application. This way, you get a seamless flow of data at the push of a button. And you also receive an automated consolidated financial statement

The software takes the burden off you by maximum automation, and takes you unerringly right through the whole consolidated financial statement in such a way that it will sustain any challenge by the tax authorities. Pre-defined processes, intuitive operation and a transparent numerical model simplify each individual step. On the basis of a uniform system you are then in a position to automatise your budgeting and financial planning processes and manage them flexibly. 

With the aid of various assistants, LucaNet assists you as a user in developing detailed budgets. In an automated process, you can calculate the effects the budgeting has on the profit and loss account, balance sheet and liquidity.  

Your benefits at a glance

Single Point
of Truth

100 % transparent

Maximum Security

Maximum Automation

Detailed Analyses


As a certified LucaNet.Premium partner with many years of of experience, we have been offering our customers pragmatic, cost-efficient solutions and giving them advice and support as a reliable partner in all entrepreneurial situations for a long time now, from implementation right the way through to the go-live process. 

What sets us apart from the rest is our integrated consultancy approach, our great professional expertise in the areas of the Commercial Register, IFRS, consolidated accounting, planning and financial performance management, and our strong focus on software-assisted process optimisation. 

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